I compiled a few of my favorite business essentials, faith essentials, office and home products, must-read books, and more to support you! Sometimes, just knowing what products and tools to use can save you time and give you peace of mind knowing you're using something that has worked well for me, my faith, and my business!

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Here's all of the fun stuff! I compiled my favorite products in my home, office, and products I use in my everyday life. I hope you love them as much as I do!

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Monopoly Deal

My Favorite for Game Night

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Cards Christians Like

My Favorite Card Game

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Glass Screen Protector

My Favorite Screen Protector

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Clip Bluetooth Speaker

My Favorite Portable Speaker

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Menore Cloud Slippers

My Favorite Slippers

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Expandable Luggage 

My Favorite Suit Case

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This is like "Cards Against Humanity" for Christians - it is so funny! Definitely a great game for game night with friends from church!

I keep at least 1 pack of this in my office storage because I drop my phone often. It's super inexpensive to replace and keeps my actual phone looking brand new!

I bought this as a Christmas present for my husband, and we both love it! The sound quality is great, and the clip makes it super portable. 

Hands down, this is our favorite card game! My husband and I have played it on airplanes, on beaches in Hawaii, EVERYWHERE.

ONE OF THE BEST PURCHASES I EVER MADE. I own multiple colors and literally wear them almost every time I leave the house.

I did a lot of research before ordering this. I've continued using it for every trip lasting 3 or more nights. It rolls easily, keeps my belongings secure, and is really pretty.

Car Trash Can

favorite item in my car

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14k Solid Gold Hoops

My Favorite Earrings

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The Mighty Patch

My Favorite for clear skin

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This is another invention that I don't know how I ever lived without! I line it with a grocery bag and change it when it gets full. It's so convenient and keeps my car neat!

I wear these all of the time! They are solid gold (not gold filled), so they will never tarnish. And...they are less than $50! I wear the 13mm size. I've also given these as gifts!

I am an adult who still deals with acne on my face and my body. I don't know what I would do without these patches! They are a lifesaver!

my favorite

Things in my office

Favorite things

Things in my home

Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

My Favorite Keyboard & Mouse

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Mid-Back Desk Chair

My Favorite office chair

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Sit Stand Desk

My Favorite Desk

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Cable Organizer Box

My Favorite Cable Organizer

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Cork Bulletin Board

My Favorite cork board

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Sleek Socket Outlet Cover 

My Favorite power strip

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I've been using this chair for a couple of years now. I love how comfortable it is while still looking great, which can be very hard to find! It's also a great price point.

Corey and I both have this desk! We love being able to adjust it and the quality for such good price point. Also, I set drinks and food on this desk and it still looks pristine!

I have a ton of cords under my desk so this is a great way to keep them off of the floor and out of the way while still being aesthetically pleasing!

I use this paired with the Adjustable Laptop Stand below. The battery lasts a long time, and I love the way the keyboard feels when I type!

I use this to create a floor to ceiling cork board wall! It's where I keep prayers and is  also a great place to keep things that motivate you!

I just love how something so simple can make a big difference! I used this to ensure my bookcase in my office would sit flat against the wall.

Large Monthly Planner

My Favorite Planner

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Hour Glass Sand Timer

My Favorite for staying on task

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Adjustable Laptop Stand

My Favorite laptop stand

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I'm mostly digital now, but I do like to map out content for launches on paper! I love this planner because it's customizable and leaves a lot of room to write!

There's something about physically picking up the 30 minute timer and flipping it over that makes me work a little faster hehe. It's awesome!

This has been a LIFESAVER for my neck! I only use my laptop with this now! Be sure and get the wireless keyboard and mouse if you plan to use this laptop stand.

my favorite

Things in my office

Favorite things

Things in my home

9 Piece Nesting Set

My Favorite mixing bowls

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Cordless Handheld Vacuum

My Favorite Vacuum

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Small Single Vases

My Favorite Vases

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Smart Coffee Cup Warmer

My Favorite coffee mug

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My Favorite guilty pleasure

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All Purpose Cleaning Paste

My Favorite all purpose cleaner

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Simply put, this vacuum is life-changing. It comes with an attachment to go onto the wall - it makes it so convenient to use every day in high traffic areas.

I just love these cute vases! I use them as decor on a shelf in my hallway, but they would also look great on a desk! I love that they bring a fun antique vibe to the room.

I use this item every single day when I'm working. It works with any mug and I love drinking the perfect temperature of tea and coffee throughout the day.

These saved me space and are simply AMAZING! They are easy to clean, store, and gave me more room to store other things! They also make great gifts!

We were spending $100/month on sparkling water! We switched to this and never looked back. It saves money, plastic, and I know what I'm drinking is filtered properly.

I learned about this product through TikTok and am so glad I purchased! I really don't like cleaning, but this paste makes it fun with it's easy to use design.

Glass Coffee Mugs

My Favorite cups

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Eat to Evolve

20% off with code: liana

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Roll-up Drying Rack

My Favorite kitchen item

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These are so elegant, easy to clean, and they keep my beverages warmer longer. I love these mugs - they are also cute enough to leave out!

My husband and I love Eat to Evolve meals! It saves me SO MUCH time! I'm so grateful for pre-made, healthy meals like these! You can use the code "LIANA" for 20% off!

One of the best products ever invented! It's the perfect size to dry a couple of dishes at a time but doesn't block off half of the sink like the larger roll-up drying racks do.


I've compiled my favorite resources into one place for you! I pray you will learn and live the lessons taught in these resources, and that your faith and business will THRIVE! click the button below!

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