I compiled a few of my favorite business essentials, faith essentials, office and home products, must-read books, and more to support you! Sometimes, just knowing what products and tools to use can save you time and give you peace of mind knowing you're using something that has worked well for me, my faith, and my business!

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These are all of the current products I use to create content for my website, social media, digital resources, etc. I  included the products that are working the best for me and my business in case it helps save you time having to research!

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For Content Creation

iPhone Tripod

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For Self-Portraits

Shutter Release

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For Uploading Photos

Lightening to SD CARD READER

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For Better Lighting

Desk Top Ring Light

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For Crisp Photos

Canon 35mm Lens

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For Top-Notch Photos

Canon Mirrorless Camera

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This shutter release allows me to pose for many photos without having to use a self-timer or phone - which I use for BTS footage. It's a life-saver!

This is the easiest way to transfer photos from your camera to your phone. It's super fast, easy to use, and fantastic when traveling!

I had a large ring light but gave it away because it was too heavy and too large. This ring light is the perfect size! It's super easy to change the lighting settings too!

I take this tripod with me EVERYWHERE! It's so convenient and allows me to capture more content. My phone doesn't slip with this one either, like it has with other tripods.

I've tried different lens, and this one is my go-to for sure! The 35mm is versatile and takes excellent, crisp photos, both portraits and full-body images.

I LOVE THIS CAMERA!!! I  currently have the EOS R - it's fantastic, but I wish I invested a little extra and just got the best of the best, this camera here.


I've compiled my favorite resources into one place for you! I pray you will learn and live the lessons taught in these resources, and that your faith and business will THRIVE! click the button below!

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