I'm a business coach for women who are ready to transform into a Proverbs 31 CEO, grow a PROFITABLE business that aligns with God's Word, and make an eternal impact.

My business exists to serve women seeking to build their business and influence on a solid, faith-based foundation, in order to operate out of God’s power and provision instead of their own.

the full story

My personal, intimate relationship with Jesus began when I was nine years old. From then on, I never considered myself as someone who lacked faith...until I started this business. 

I made a significant amount of money from previous business endeavors. Money wasn't the issue. The issue was that I lacked humility and trust in God. This was evident by me trying to sustain my business rather that letting God do it.

I knew this business needed to operate differently. It needed to be built on a foundation more solid than myself.

A wise friend once told me, "What we build, we have to sustain. What God builds, He sustains."

I graduated college in the Spring of 2020, in the middle of a pandemic. I had zero idea what I was going to do - since I have a chronic illness and am not able to work the traditional 9-5. I started posting valuable content on my IG the year before, so I had an idea of what my audience liked to learn about. However, I didn't know how to translate that into something that would pay my bills.

I started FERVENTLY praying in the months leading up to my graduation.

During the month of my graduation, I started my LLC out of faith (still not fully knowing what I was going to do), and that month was my first 5-figure month.

Work came from unexpected places, people reached out wanting business coaching, even though I never advertised I did that, and I was absolutely humbled.

From then on, I knew what God was showing me to do...

Are you ready to hear what God did?!

How this business started

My faith and trust in God were strengthened as I finally came to the conclusion that the success of my business does not all depend on me.

May 2020

October 2021

My heart's desire changed from wanting to only build my own business to wanting to train up a generation of Faithful Business Builders. 

As I grew my platform and started my business, I invested in business coaches. I soon realized there are plenty of coaches teaching women how to build their empires on earth, but next to none teaching how to build wealth here AND in heaven.

There was a need for teaching on how to build a business founded on Christ, a business that can weather any storm (Matthew 7:24-27).

My clients and I are proof that those thoughts are simply lies the enemy wants us to believe in order to prevent us from walking in the victory we have through Christ! I created the programs and resources available on this site in order to help you grow closer to Jesus, build wealth for you and your family, impact the kingdom of God, and operate out of joy and victory!

Because of my mom, I know what a business built on Christ looks like. She built a thriving business and experienced a major storm when my little brother and I were young. She broke her jaw, found out her dad was dying from ALS, and was trying everything to keep her marriage from falling apart.

During their divorce a few years later, she bought my dad out of his half of the home so my brother and I didn't have to move. Because of her business, she was able to pay half of my private Christian school, half of my private college tuition, and countless medical bills for me.

Building a business on Christ is essential...

There are lies the enemy wants you to believe:

You can't build wealth, grow a loving family, and make an impact in the kingdom of God.

Lie #1

Lie #2

Lie #3

If you are open about your faith, it will negatively effect your business.

Owning a business is stressful, requires you to devote all of your time to it, and you won't see financial returns for at least a couple of years.

For most women, going through these horrible circumstances would cause their business to crumble. She took months, if not years off, prioritized my brother and I, and her business still didn't fail. It was because she operated her life and business on the truth that God will provide, He will make a way where there is no way, and He will receive the glory. She prayed continually. She submitted to God daily.

My "why" is to help you build a strong, profitable business that can weather any storm.

You can grow closer to Jesus.

You can build a business with an unshakeable foundation.

You can earn a significant profit.

You can earn money while you sleep, while you play with your kids, while you travel.

You can bless others with the wealth you build with your business.

You can build a beautiful life for you and your family.

And the best part? You don't have to do this alone! I want to come alongside you to teach, encourage, and pray for you every step of the way!

With Joy,

- Laura lambert

She approached everything from a biblical perspective and also gave me practical tips and tools to use for my business moving forward. It wasn’t just lofty advice. She gave me very clear directives."

This was a financial investment for me, and I don’t take that lightly. It was worth every single cent I poured into this and she gave me back in return far more than I felt like I invested.

- Terri lantes

Let me tell you from personal experience WOW. I started trusting the Lord and being obedient in areas I didn't believe were worth being obedient to Him...Since then, my business has flourished, calls have come in and the Lord has not stopped blessing and providing! I am forever thankful for Liana!

In the beginning of my faithful business building with Liana, I questioned "How will my faith further my business? How will my obedience to God further my business?" 

- Tiffany tutu

I can’t even believe how far I’ve come, and it was all because of Liana’s amazing instruction, dedication to details, and dedication to me to make sure I really ‘got it’ and understood how to be able to build this business on my own when I graduate from her program!"

I knew she was the coach for me when I found out she loves Jesus as much as I do. I knew this endeavor would only succeed with God.


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If you've scrolled this far down, we are basically on the verge of being best friends. So, here's some things about me that only my besties know!

I get goosebumps when I sneeze. I can't have sugar, but I would eat an entire chocolate cake if I could. Honesty time - Donna from Mamma Mia and Mamma Mia 2 is who I would be without Jesus. My favorite verse changes on a daily basis. I never leave my house without lipgloss, gum, and Gas-X.

I come from a broken home, fought and overcame a chronic illness and still am receiving treatment for other health conditions that cause severe pain and fatigue daily. My faith is a lot stronger than my body at present. :)

Lastly and most importantly, I married a man who is crazy about Jesus, crazy about me and just plain crazy. I LOVE EVERY MOMENT OF LIFE AND MINISTRY TOGETHER!

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