I compiled a few of my favorite business essentials, faith essentials, office and home products, must-read books, and more to support you! Sometimes, just knowing what products and tools to use can save you time and give you peace of mind knowing you're using something that has worked well for me, my faith, and my business!

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I spent WAYYYY too much time researching and testing a variety of tools for my online business. I currently use all of the tools listed below, as I incorporate more into my business, they will be added to this list!

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For Email Marketing

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For Recording

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For Course Creation

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For Taking Payment

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For Editing Videos

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For Tax Deductions


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Loom will record my voice AND what I'm doing on my screen simultaneously. This allows me to explain to my team what I need - revisions needed, etc. It also is a great tool to use for video lessons in a course.

Kajabi is my FAVORITE creation platform! If you know you want to create a course, use their free trial and explore the platform along with everything they offer. It's the platform we are using to create my signature course!

This is a super easy tool to integrate into your website in order to collect payments from customers on your site! I prefer Square over other payment tools because they charge less fees and are much easier to use.

If you've received an email and noticed it look especially *aesthetic*, it was probably created with Flodesk. This is what we use for all of our email marketing, and we love how easy it is to use!

Almost every single viral video, I've ever created has been through this app! I prefer Splice because of the ease of editing, the effects available, and I don't have to worry about those pesky IG and Tiktok watermarks.

Whether you have a LLC or not, this app helps with stress around tax time and saves entrepreneurs money! It's easy to categorize business expenses and you can even simply swipe up to ask a CPA how to classify an expense.

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For Instagram Insurance

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I use Notch to have peace of mind that if my Instagram is hacked, I will be compensated AND I will have a team of experts helping to recover my account since I don't want to have to try to get help from IG-- which is impossible haha.

For Graphic Design

Free 30 Day Pro Trial

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I’ve been using Canva for YEARS, and it is the go-to graphic design site & app for every new business owner. The Pro upgrade is definitely worth it-- sign up for the 30 day FREE trial and see for yourself!

For Tracking Finances

Starting at $3/month

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Rocket Money is what my husband and I use to track our family spending goals, giving, and net worth. I have a separate account to track my business finances too! Tracking our finances has never been easier!


I've compiled my favorite resources into one place for you! I pray you will learn and live the lessons taught in these resources, and that your faith and business will THRIVE! click the button below!

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